Transcending Youth Into Greatness

Transcending Greatness was founded February 18, 2010 by a unique young man, a victim of an urban genocide, who grew tired of witnessing the tragedy of today’s youth. February 18,2011, “Transcending Greatness” the book was published. February 18, 2012, God birthed the vision of Transcending Youth into Greatness.
We are proud for you to witness the outcome of that birth and encourage you to become involved in the work that God placed on our hearts and birthed in the spirit—Transcending Youth into Greatness Drill Team
Our goal: To inspire, motivate and enrich our youth with passion while providing them the experience of dance, confidence, coordination, and self-esteem techniques.
Our vision: To provide razor-sharp repertoire by encouraging the appreciation for all forms of dance
Our aspiration: To prepare our youth to expect the best for themselves, pursue advanced studies while focusing on careers vs. castastophies.
As we advocate for the success of our youth, we would like to partner with you. Our program offers 6 week sessions on the art of Drilling in addition to mentoring at a value of $75 per youth.
You are not just contributing; you are investing in the long term future of our youth by assisting them in the discipline and dedication they will need to encompass in the workplace such as respecting adults, accepting criticism as advice vs. taking it personal, accept trials as experiences vs. retaliating. Our program will help them to understand that everything and/or person has a reason in our lives. Either it is a blessing or a lesson but either way it is from God.  There are several ways that you can support our journey;
  • Become a sponsor of a child to support uniform expenses, travel expenses, hotel expenses, and parade appearances for the children.
  • Provide a donation for our member scholarship fund. We desire our youth to be the best they can be. Upon graduation from H.S we will provide funds to assist with their college bound needs.
  • Provide an in-kind donation of which the troupe will use toward raffles and fund raisers.
  • Any contribution form not mentioned at your discretion (Water, juice, Snacks etc)
Please keep in mind that all donations are tax deductible. You can help support a growing community of youths dedicated to succeeding upward and beyond society’s negative circumstances. At the end of the day, if one youth can understand that “Love” is not in gangs, fast cars and fast money, we have succeeded in the mission we have been given.
Thank you in advance for your support and investment in OUR youth!